The f_readdir function reads directory entries.

FRESULT f_readdir (
  DIR* DirObject,    /* Pointer to the open directory object */
  FILINFO* FileInfo  /* Pointer to the file information structure */


Pointer to the open directory object.
Pointer to the file information structure to store the read item.

Return Values



The f_readdir function reads directory entries in sequence. All items in the directory can be read by calling f_readdir function repeatedly. When all directory entries have been read and no item to read, the function returns a null string into f_name[] member without any error. When a null pointer is given to the FileInfo, the read index of the directory object will be rewinded.

When LFN feature is enabled, lfname and lfsize in the file information structure must be initialized with valid value prior to use the f_readdir function. The lfname is a pointer to the string buffer to return the long file name. The lfsize is the size of the string buffer in unit of TCHAR. If either the size of read buffer or LFN working buffer is insufficient for the LFN or the object has no LFN, a null string will be returned to the LFN read buffer. If the LFN contains any charactrer that cannot be converted to OEM code, a null string will be returned but this is not the case on Unicode API configuration. When lfname is a NULL, nothing of the LFN is returned. When the object has no LFN, some small capitals can be contained in the SFN.

When relative path feature is enabled (_FS_RPATH == 1), "." and ".." entries are not filtered out and it will appear in the read entries.


Available when _FS_MINIMIZE <= 1.

Sample Code

FRESULT scan_files (
    char* path        /* Start node to be scanned (also used as work area) */
    FRESULT res;
    FILINFO fno;
    DIR dir;
    int i;
    char *fn;   /* This function is assuming non-Unicode cfg. */
#if _USE_LFN
    static char lfn[_MAX_LFN + 1];
    fno.lfname = lfn;
    fno.lfsize = sizeof lfn;

    res = f_opendir(&dir, path);                       /* Open the directory */
    if (res == FR_OK) {
        i = strlen(path);
        for (;;) {
            res = f_readdir(&dir, &fno);                   /* Read a directory item */
            if (res != FR_OK || fno.fname[0] == 0) break;  /* Break on error or end of dir */
            if (fno.fname[0] == '.') continue;             /* Ignore dot entry */
#if _USE_LFN
            fn = *fno.lfname ? fno.lfname : fno.fname;
            fn = fno.fname;
            if (fno.fattrib & AM_DIR) {                    /* It is a directory */
                sprintf(&path[i], "/%s", fn);
                res = scan_files(path);
                if (res != FR_OK) break;
                path[i] = 0;
            } else {                                       /* It is a file. */
                printf("%s/%s\n", path, fn);

    return res;

See Also

f_opendir, f_stat, FILINFO, DIR