The disk_status function returns the current disk status.

DSTATUS disk_status (
  BYTE Drive     /* Physical drive number */


Specifies the physical drive number to be confirmed.

Return Values

The disk status is returned in combination of following flags. FatFs refers only STA_NOINIT and STA_PROTECTED.

Indicates that the disk drive is not initialized. This flag is set on system reset, media removal, media change and disk_initialize function failed. The flag is cleared on disk_initialize function succeeded. Media change that occurs asynchronously must be captured and reflect it to the status flags, or auto-mount feature will not work correctly. When media change detection is not supported, application program should clear the file system object with f_mount function after the media change.
Indicates that no medium in the drive. This is always cleared on fixed disk drive.
Indicates that the medium is write protected. This is always cleared on the drive that does not support write protect notch. Not valid while STA_NODISK is set.