CMSIS2000  0.0.7
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CMSIS2000 is a CMAKE build enviroment for MCUs

This project gives CMAKE build enviroment for differnet MCUs and support for CMSIS standart for LPC2000, LPC17xx series MCU made by NXP.

The goals of the project:

  • Support of building system for MCUs based on CMAKE
  • Making source code in CMSIS like style for MCU LPC2000 series
  • Translation parts of CMSIS to Russian language
  • Making build system that helps write sources adapted to different boards and MCUs

That build system DOES?

  • 0. Makes project files for you IDE (CodeBlocks, Eclipse Watcom and Visual Studio are supported by CMAKE).
  • 1. Generates linker scripts
  • 2. Genrates debugger scripts
  • 3. Setups your sources. With conditional compilation and different compiller switches you can make your source more structed and portable. Build system helps you to setup you source accoding your current board, mcu and arhitecture and make it
  • a. more board portable
  • b. more mcu portable
  • c. more architecure portable
  • Genrates makefile scripts
  • And finaly it compiles your sources to elf hex or binary file!!!

List of support controllers by CMAKE toolchain file :

  • LPC2000 series MCU (NXP)
  • LPC17xx series MCU (NXP)
  • STM32F10x series MCU (STM)
  • AVR8 RISC series MCU (Atmel)
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