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lpc17xx_libcfg.h File Reference

Library configuration file. More...

#include "lpc_types.h"
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#define _DBGFWK
#define _IAP
#define _UART
#define _UART0
#define _USBHOST   1
#define CHECK_PARAM(expr)   ((expr) ? (void)0 : check_failed((uint8_t *)__FILE__, __LINE__))
#define DEBUG


void check_failed (uint8_t *file, uint32_t line)

Detailed Description

Library configuration file.

21. May. 2010
NXP MCU SW Application Team

Copyright(C) 2010, NXP Semiconductor All rights reserved.

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Definition in file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _DBGFWK

Definition at line 50 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define _IAP

Definition at line 111 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define _UART

Definition at line 59 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define _UART0

Definition at line 60 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define _USBHOST   1

Definition at line 115 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define CHECK_PARAM (   expr)    ((expr) ? (void)0 : check_failed((uint8_t *)__FILE__, __LINE__))

Definition at line 145 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

#define DEBUG

Definition at line 42 of file lpc17xx_libcfg.h.

Function Documentation

void check_failed ( uint8_t file,
uint32_t  line