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cc936.c File Reference
#include "../ff.h"
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WCHAR ff_convert (WCHAR chr, UINT dir)
WCHAR ff_wtoupper (WCHAR chr)


static const WCHAR oem2uni []
static const WCHAR uni2oem []

Function Documentation

WCHAR ff_convert ( WCHAR  chr,
UINT  dir 

Definition at line 10924 of file cc936.c.

References oem2uni, and uni2oem.

WCHAR ff_wtoupper ( WCHAR  chr)

Definition at line 10961 of file cc936.c.

Variable Documentation

const WCHAR oem2uni[]

Definition at line 5469 of file cc936.c.

Referenced by ff_convert().

const WCHAR uni2oem[]

Definition at line 15 of file cc936.c.

Referenced by ff_convert().