CMSIS2000  0.0.7
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stm32f10x_it.c File Reference
#include "stm32f10x_it.h"
#include "platform_config.h"
#include "stm32f10x_conf.h"
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void BusFault_Handler (void)
 This function handles Bus Fault exception.
void DebugMon_Handler (void)
 This function handles Debug Monitor exception.
void HardFault_Handler (void)
 This function handles Hard Fault exception.
void MemManage_Handler (void)
 This function handles Memory Manage exception.
void NMI_Handler (void)
 This function handles NMI exception.
void PendSV_Handler (void)
 This function handles PendSV_Handler exception.
void SVC_Handler (void)
 This function handles SVCall exception.
void SysTick_Handler (void)
 This function handles SysTick Handler.
void UsageFault_Handler (void)
 This function handles Usage Fault exception.
void USARTy_IRQHandler (void)
 This function handles USARTy global interrupt request.
void USARTz_IRQHandler (void)
 This function handles USARTz global interrupt request.


uint8_t NbrOfDataToRead1
uint8_t NbrOfDataToRead2
uint8_t NbrOfDataToTransfer1
uint8_t NbrOfDataToTransfer2
uint8_t RxBuffer1 []
uint8_t RxBuffer2 []
__IO uint8_t RxCounter1
__IO uint8_t RxCounter2
uint8_t TxBuffer1 []
uint8_t TxBuffer2 []
__IO uint8_t TxCounter1
__IO uint8_t TxCounter2