CMSIS2000  0.0.7
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system_LPC2xxx.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "LPC2xxx.h"
#include "core_7tdmiInterrupt.h"
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#define constSystemCoreClock   F_CCLK_HZ
#define SystemVIC_ClearISR(IRQn)   SystemVIC_SetISR(NULL,IRQn,-1)
 This macro will clear ISR.


void SystemInit (void)
 Initialize the system.
void SystemVIC_Init (void)
 Initialize the system VIC.
uint32_t SysTick_Config (uint32_t ticks)
 System Tick Configuration.


void *SystemVIC_SetISR isr_func MOVE_CODE_TO_FLASH
 Setup and turn on Interrupt in VIC.
uint32_t SystemCoreClock

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#define constSystemCoreClock   F_CCLK_HZ

Definition at line 42 of file system_LPC2xxx.h.