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iArch.h File Reference

This file is used define macroses for selected arch. More...

#include "iArch_nums.h"
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#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK(test_famh)   i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2(i_MCU_FAMILY,test_famh)
 Used for determine MCU family.
#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2(current_fam, test_famh)   ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))
#define i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK(test_model)   i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK2(i_MCU_MODEL,test_model)
#define i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK2(current_fam, test_model)   ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))

Detailed Description

This file is used define macroses for selected arch.

Definition in file iArch.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK (   test_famh)    i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2(i_MCU_FAMILY,test_famh)

Used for determine MCU family.

For example:

#include "clock_LPC2000.h"
See Also
mcu_id.h file
#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2 (   current_fam,
)    ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))

Definition at line 63 of file iArch.h.

#define i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK (   test_model)    i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK2(i_MCU_MODEL,test_model)

Definition at line 93 of file iArch.h.

#define i_MCU_MODEL_CHECK2 (   current_fam,
)    ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))

Definition at line 89 of file iArch.h.