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Watchdog Timer (WDT) register structure definition. More...

#include <LPC17xx.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t RESERVED0 [3]
uint8_t RESERVED1 [3]
__IO uint32_t WDCLKSEL
__O uint8_t WDFEED
__IO uint8_t WDMOD
__IO uint32_t WDTC
__I uint32_t WDTV

Detailed Description

Watchdog Timer (WDT) register structure definition.

Definition at line 645 of file LPC17xx.h.

Field Documentation

uint8_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::RESERVED0

Definition at line 648 of file LPC17xx.h.

uint8_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::RESERVED1

Definition at line 651 of file LPC17xx.h.

__IO uint32_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::WDCLKSEL

Definition at line 653 of file LPC17xx.h.

__O uint8_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::WDFEED

Definition at line 650 of file LPC17xx.h.

__IO uint8_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::WDMOD

Definition at line 647 of file LPC17xx.h.

__IO uint32_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::WDTC

Definition at line 649 of file LPC17xx.h.

__I uint32_t LPC_WDT_TypeDef::WDTV

Definition at line 652 of file LPC17xx.h.

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