CMSIS2000  0.0.7
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The Project Changelog

2012/12/18 CMSIS2000-0.0.7-Nuclear_NPT.exe (43Y+) Added:

  • linking script can generate unixtime – CURRNET_UNIXDATE_CONFIGURE_FILE (${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/unixtimestamp.h)
  • now project can be compiled without bsp_board_def.h and cmsis.crt0 with separate ctartup boot.S and liker script file by set(LD_SCRIPT_NAME
  • .noinit section added to default linker scripts
  • some documentation minor updates Tested:
  • GCC compiling projects with C++

2012/12/18 CMSIS2000-0.0.6-Perl.exe (25Y+) Added:

  • uboot image parsing routines (check,find and load uboot images) @/Utils/boot/uboot
  • iboot example loader @/Utils/boot/iboot
  • crc routines @/Utils/CRC
  • some linking script unification and Documentation
  • added LZ4 packer sources from


  • bug with gernerating .gdbinit script
  • FAT FS updated to Jan 23,'13 R0.09b

2012/12/18 CMSIS2000-0.0.6-Perl.exe (25Y+) Added:

  • Directory structure has changed (CMSIS_7TDMI->2000, CMSIS_7TDMI/CMAKE->CMAKE)
  • Added Support for AVR 8bit RISC and STM32F MCU in toolchain file
  • Added minimal templates for this MCUs
  • Added Uboot Tools mkimage and mkenvimage for Windows

Tested Software:

2012/11/24 CMSIS2000-0.0.5-Origin of Speices.exe (153Y+) Added:

  • USB HID example tested and compiled by GCC
  • Update SystemISR default handlers see /Examples/Project_Template/ CMAKE_CMSIS2000_null_loader/System_handlers.c
  • NULL demo loader example in Project Templates
  • IAP demo loader example

2012/11/20 CMSIS2000-0.0.4-Phonograph.exe (135Y+) Added:

2012/11/05 CMSIS2000-0.0.3-Minin.exe (400Y+)


  • Translation to English
  • New sections for linker script .usb_ram and .eth_ram placed to peripheral memory

2012/10/17 CMSIS2000-0.0.2-cadillac.exe (110Y+)


  • Mr Chan FatFS 12/16/32 and Martin Thomas USB MassStorage Host Example added and working on LPC2000 series. Use it to write to USB Flash!
  • supporting to '-flto' option to gcc 4.6 and 4.6 series with gc-sections
  • '-flto' option makes ISR be removed – so they are KEEPed by linker script and macros ISR() and ISRPROTO(). Vectors moved to section '.text.keep.vector'
  • SysTick Emulation to LPC2000 MCU with Timer
  • crt0 to cortex wrong bss section initialization
  • lpc17xx_usb.c added to peripheral library for USB host/device/OTG pin configuration
  • lpc17xx_uart_cb.c old styled UART callbacks added
  • RTC and DMA now modules compiled under LPC2xxx

Tested HardWare:

Tested Software:

2012/09/7 CMSIS2000-0.0.1-borodino.exe (200Y+)

Initial revision:

  • 1. CMSIS LPC2000 source with adaptation to LPC2000 and CMAKE build system
  • 2. Original Arm Sources CMSIS standard version V3.01 – 07 March 2012
  • 3. NXP Peripheral library for NXP17xx series MCU adapted to LPC2000
  • 4. Docs macroses and some other materials