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ARM7 core port documentation. More...

Collaboration diagram for ARM RISC CPU (ARM7):


 LPC2xxx family (NXP)
 LPC2xxx from NXP(Philips) family port documentation.
 Atmel ARM7 RISC CPUs (ARM7)


#define i_ARCH   ARM7
#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2(current_fam, test_famh)   ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))
#define iarch   int
 MCU Architecture type.
#define iSTACK_DELTA   (iSTACK_DIRECTION*sizeof(iStack_t))
 The size of changing stack for one PUSH/POP operation.
#define iSTACK_DIRECTION   (-1)
 The architecture stack growth direction.
#define iStack_t   unsigned iarch
 Architecture stack type.
#define LPC11xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1100
#define LPC13xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1300
#define LPC17xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1700
#define LPC2xxx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   2000
#define sizeof_iarch   4
 The size of main architecture type.

Detailed Description

ARM7 core port documentation.

Documentation are presented for ARM7 core.

ARM7 TDMI constant LPC2xxx from NXP(Philips)


Macro Definition Documentation

#define i_ARCH   ARM7

Definition at line 47 of file iArch.h.

#define i_MCU_FAMILY_CHECK2 (   current_fam,
)    ((CONCAT_iarch(current_fam,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM)) == CONCAT_iarch(test_famh,_MCU_FAMILY_NUM))

Definition at line 122 of file iArch.h.

#define iarch   int

MCU Architecture type.

The fastest type. The type of main CPU ALU registers. On 8 bit MCU is char. On 16 bit and 32 bit MCU is int. The analog of int type in C.

Definition at line 64 of file iArch.h.

#define iSTACK_DELTA   (iSTACK_DIRECTION*sizeof(iStack_t))

The size of changing stack for one PUSH/POP operation.

Definition at line 99 of file iArch.h.

#define iSTACK_DIRECTION   (-1)

The architecture stack growth direction.

Definition at line 92 of file iArch.h.

#define iStack_t   unsigned iarch

Architecture stack type.

For 32 bit ARM is unsigned int (uint32)

Definition at line 85 of file iArch.h.

#define LPC11xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1100

Definition at line 120 of file iArch.h.

#define LPC13xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1300

Definition at line 119 of file iArch.h.

#define LPC17xx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   1700

Definition at line 118 of file iArch.h.

#define LPC2xxx_MCU_FAMILY_NUM   2000

Definition at line 117 of file iArch.h.

#define sizeof_iarch   4

The size of main architecture type.

Definition at line 74 of file iArch.h.